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Nutcracker Suite

mini music 


4 weeks of Montessori music lessons for bringing the Orchestra to young children

Celebrate the season in a musically  Montessori way! 

Four Weeks of Activities featuring Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet

I've created a really fun mini eCourse that is filled with music, drama, puppets, scarves, rhythm instruments, dancing, and even performing (if you so desire!) In four lessons, you'll train with me to learn the ins-and-outs of managing a group music circle, while offering lots of important skills-building experiences for young children. 

Activities are based on these principles:

  • Montessori Method: sequential, hands-on, sensorial, activities children explore through purposeful movement

  • Orff-Schulwerk Music Education: body percussion, rhythm echoes, repetition and dramatization  

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Each Lesson has an instructional video showing exactly how to present the activities to the children.


Here are the Lesson Titles from my mini music eCourse:

~Bonus Lesson: How to Manage Your Music Circle. Learn my secrets to success! 

  1. ​Introducing the children to the Orchestra with a typical music circle featuring Warm-ups, Movement, Focused Listening, Lesson Topic ("Orchestra"), and Rhythm Instruments

  2. Presenting the Musical Story with Stick Puppets at Circle Time featuring Focused Listening & Visual Explanation

  3. Montessori style Games with cards, music recordings, and individualized shelf work

  4. Presenting a "Mini Performance" or impromptu Classroom Drama-play with rhythm instruments, puppets, and props


~ Pdf Lesson Plan Downloads

~ Music Play List for each Lesson

~ Visuals and Templates for Circle & Shelf Works

~Mp3 music downloads

~Facebook Group for discussions with other students

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