Montessori Magic Friday: 3-Part Cards~Children and Music Go Together!

September 20, 2017

Here I have curated articles, videos, and resources (most are free!) to give you and your group some fun activities for your Montessori Music Curriculum!


1. Set up the 3-Part cards (see below) and place them on your Montessori Music Shelf. First, download my free resource, "Children and Music Go Together." (at the end of this post). Then, copy the templates onto heavy card stock. Laminate everything and place it all on a 3-part card tray. You can also set up little baskets with each of the card parts and place these all on a tray.   


2. Here is a link for preparing Montessori 3-Part Cards. CLICK HERE


3.This Youtube video will give you inspiration and delight! It is proof that music and children go together! "Two Year Old Dancing the Jive". CLICK HERE




4. Need a rationale for putting children and music together? Here is an excellent article outlining the benefits of early music experiences: "Benefits of Music and Movement for Children" CLICK HERE


5. Take your child/ren to music concerts. Summer is a great time for free outdoor concerts. Here is a sample of what happens in NYC: "Free Outdoor Music Concert Series in NYC". CLICK HERE


6. This youtube video will convince anyone of how much music effects babies! "Hallelujah, Baby Conductor!" CLICK HERE




7. Watch Jonathan at age 3: "Conducting the 4th Movement of Beethoven's Fifth" CLICK HERE


 8. Watch Jonathan a few years later conducting the Chamber Orchestra of the Kremlin! CLICK HERE


9. Download my free resource, "Children and Music Go Together: Montessori 3-Part Cards" CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


 10. I invite you to join my Newsletter Email List so that you will have access to many more of my free resources at my Subscriber's Freebie Collection. CLICK HERE 



11. Would you like to take my on-line, self-paced training for Classroom Teachers to boost your Music Curriculum throughout the year? "Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks" CLICK HERE


Your Music Shelf could look like this!



Photo credits: Carolyn for Magical Movement Company

                        Adobe Stock








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