Montessori Magic Friday: "Nutcracker Ballet Rebus Story Activity" and lots more!

If you love Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet Music as much as I do, then you will most likely find lots of things you like here in this post as well. I have included my free resource, "Nutcracker Ballet Rebus Story Activity" along with lots of other (mostly) free activities, videos, and fun stuff from around the world wide web!

My free Rebus Story activity above is a simple and very abbreviated version of the story from Tchaikovsky's ballet, so that this one page story can be added to your Classroom Song Binder. And, I've added a sweet little activity that each child can do...make their own Rebus picture story version of Clara's dream from the Nutcracker Ballet.

You can get this free resource at my Subscriber's Freebie Collection CLICK HERE to check it out.

CLICK HERE to read some general information about the Nutcracker Ballet Suite at wikipedia.


Here is a short and lovely glimpse at this magical ballet and orchestra production presented by the San Francisco Ballet

MORE VIDEOS from youtube:

~ CLICK HERE to view this behind the scenes video: "Young Dancers Audition for Nutcracker (Pacific Northwest Ballet"

~ CLICK HERE to view the next video in this series. Very interesting telling of the story by the dancer who plays Clara. Beautiful!


~ Lots to explore at this site for kids of all ages. CLICK HERE to check out Classics for Kids: Nutcracker and more!

~ Great suggestions for activities according to the age of the child. CLICK HERE: Kelly Riley's "Nutcracker Lessons for Elementary Music" on-line Classroom

~ S.F. Symphony Kids has lots on their website, including activities about the Nutcracker Suite and I love their games for composing your own songs. CLICK HERE

~ Renae Eddy from EVERY STAR IS DIFFERENT is a former music teacher who now homeschool her four special needs children using the Montessori approach. Her wonderful free resources are always very comprehensive and beautiful, too. CLICK HERE for her Nutcracker resources (all free!)

~ Here is the sweet video version of the Nutcracker from PBS Daniel Tiger. CLICK HERE to view it!

~ This is an interesting reading of the book that tells one version of the story: "The Nutcracker Children's Story Book read aloud on youtube. CLICK HERE



~ Sugar Plum Fairy Felt Costume at the Magical Attic Etsy Shop. CLICK HERE to see all the Nutcracker costumes at this site. Very sweet!

~ Felt Dolls from Etsy: Nutcracker Outfit set for Felt Dolls CLICK HERE to check it out!

~ I just think these are adorable! Russian hand-painted nesting dolls featuring the Nutcracker story! CLICK HERE to check it out on Etsy!


I INVITE YOU TO CHECK OUT MY MINI-MUSIC ECOURSE! "Musically Montessori: Nutcracker Suite for Little Kids" CLICK HERE.

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