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Carolyn Lucento
Apr 11, 2018

This is the main reason I am avoiding Facebook these days.


Basically, I read and post political stuff on my local Womens March Huddle, which has a FB page, but I mostly want to avoid FB these days because I have been so deeply disappointed in what this platform has developed into.


I found this article on a Linkedin post, and it is very informative.


Have you been watching the hearings with Zuckerberg, the 30 yr old founder and CEO of FB? He seems to be a caring young man and he has brought his dream of connecting people all over the world to life. However, I was surprised to see that he seemed to understand very little about the dangers of Cambridge Analytica and other similar companies that Senators brought up to him in the hearings. Companies working through Facebook ads that have stolen private information from millions who had no idea they were breached. The worst of it is that Cambridge Analytica is now alleged to be working with the Putin regime to undermine democracies throughout Europe and the US. More worries for us readers who may be fooled by fake sites and misinformation.


OK, I will be returning to mostly posting articles about children, education, parenting, and family life. However, the political environment profoundly effects all these. I continue to call my members of congress, and work with my local political group to get out the vote. This is how I can work to protect our children's future in a positive way.

New Posts
  • Carolyn Lucento
    Apr 14, 2018

    This Blog post gives you a lovely lesson using the Montessori 3-Period Lesson with your Preschoolers in music class. I have been so pleased with the skills that the children in my Montessori music classes have been developing over the past few months! An organized early childhood music curriculum makes all the difference.
  • Carolyn Lucento
    Apr 13, 2018

    We, in the Montessori cyber world, are so lucky to have this fabulous bargain from Living Montessori Now. John Bowman has been a leader in the Montessori world for many years and this new edition of a very useful eBook is absolutely worth it. You can even download a substantial free sample to get you oriented to the wonderful variety of activities, as well as Montessori rationale, that John invites you to explore with your groups! What a deal!
  • Carolyn Lucento
    Apr 11, 2018

    I found this over at Trillium's blog community page. Lots of us have fallen in love with it! A must read with mostly amazing pictures!