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Like the Montessori approach, the Orff-Schulwerk Music Education theory emphasizes the child's natural desire to move! The hallmarks of Orff-Schulwerk, 

   ~body percussion 

   ~creative movement 

   ~rhythm echoes  

   ~hands-on instrument exploration

   ~along with repetition  

blend perfectly with the Montessori pedagogy.

In Orff-Schulwerk, the children are encouraged to move spontaneously to music, to rhythm patterns, to percussion instruments and to familiar nursery rhyme stories that feature a concept important to musical development. I offer the children an array of rhythm instruments to explore over the months, as well as the wonderful Orff-style barred instruments that the child plays with a mallet. These perfectly tuned xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones have a unique appeal for young children, since the child can play a melody on these. They require more large motor skills and less fine motor skills and so

are more appropriate for the young child's developmental needs.



Orff-Schulwerk music education is implemented in schools all over the world. I have Preschool and Primary Level Certification in Orff-Schulwerk.

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