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What is Montessori? 

I use the Montessori 3-Period Lesson to introduce these "Sand Paper Music Notes" you see in the photo! I take my inspiration from Dr. Maria Montessori who wrote:

"To have a vision of the cosmic plan, in which life depends on directed movements which have effects beyond their conscious aim, is to understand the child's work and be able to guide better."

from her book, The Absorbent Mind 

Some basics of the Montessori Method of education are:

  • A well-thought out "prepared environment" that gives the child freedom of movement to sensorially explore the things around her 

  • Child-sized tools and furnishings for exploring and maintaining the environment

  • Adults who "follow the child" by observing, inviting, guiding, supporting and then allowing the child to do it herself

  • Respect for the child's need for order, repetition, and uninterrupted exploration to develop and refine skills in all areas of life

  • Knowledge of child development principles on the part of the adult so that s/he recognizes the child's "sensitive periods" and sequence of learning

  • Belief and trust that each child has an inner spirit guiding that child to the activities necessary to progress  

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