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What is "Nido"?

"Nido" is the Italian word for "nest". In the Montessori scheme, education begins at birth and even before, and the environment for the Montessori baby from birth until around age two is considered to be a sort of "nest". We create a safe place for Baby to move and explore guided by adults trained in Montessori Infant/toddler pedagogy. And, there are special materials that engage and satisfy the child's need for developing independence and mastery of the environment.

In my Montessori Baby-Ed eCourses, I offer parents and teachers monthly video lessons and pdf downloads that present Montessori materials and activities in what I call "The Nido Basket". My Nido Baskets present traditional Montessori infant & toddler activities, such as the Montessori series of visual mobiles and later tactile mobiles. In addition, my program emphasizes the Arts with your baby and there are simple and lovely instruments that family members can play for the young baby, and then sturdy, natural instruments that the older baby can explore on her own. Each monthly lesson includes links for resources and where to purchase materials.


There are lots of videos and articles about the classic Montessori "Nido" environment around the web and at My Blog, too.


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