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Musically Montessori

Over the years, I have so enjoyed elevating the Music Curriculum in my Montessori classroom to the status of the all-important Language and Math areas of study. From all the research over the past decade that has pointed out the importance of early music experiences and the cognitive development in young children...well, Music certainly deserves a shelf of its own in every Preschool Classroom. I like to have a music corner with two or three shelves  devoted to Musical and Movement Activities. 

As a Montessori educator for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to have the beautiful Montessori Brass Bells in my classrooms, and the children truly love to play them and hear their clear, sweet sound. Dr. Montessori certainly valued the importance of music education for the child. So much so, that she commissioned an Italian instrument company to create the Brass Bells and she placed them in the Primary classes since she considered them to be a Sensorial  Material. Even so, Montessori along with Maria Maccheroni, her beloved colleague, developed an amazing music curriculum that follows the child all the way through the middle school years.

Many Montessori educators don't have the Montessori Bells, but they still consider Music to be a crucial part of the everyday activities of the classroom. For my many years of teaching, I have curated an extensive array of musical activities that make my Musically Montessori Curriculum very complete (even without the Montessori Bells) 


I have developed lots of activities for group times, as well as individualized lessons and works for the Montessori shelves in your environment. 


If you are looking for a rationale for bringing lots of music to your children you might like some of my blog posts on that topic.

You might like a bit more hands-on guidance that you will get virtually in one of my on-line eCourses, or my annual Credentialed AMS Art, Music & Movement  Workshop in Dublin CA. (now online!)

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