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Montessori Baby-Ed

When my youngest grandchild was born, my daughter asked me if I could gather some Montessori Baby activities together each month for her to bring to her little one. This launched us on a new learning adventure, and I was delighted to discover the wonderful Montessori Infant/Toddler pedagogy. I should have known that  Montessori would have a well-developed program for babies from Birth to Preschool age!


So, with the collaboration of my daughter, grandchild and some dear friends with little babies, I have developed a set of Activities for each month of the Montessori Baby's first year. I call these "Nido Baskets" and they have been warmly received by all.  ("Nido" is the Italian word for "nest.")

Being the teacher I am, I decided to create an eCourse for families with babies who want to bring Music and the Arts to their little ones, the Montessori way. I've built a program based on the classic materials for the Montessori baby along with activities that will enhance Baby's developing love of Music and the Arts...learning through the art of play! 

When you enroll in my eCourse, you'll be able to prepare Activities for your baby as s/he grows and develops in your Montessori home environment. I have videos to demonstrate how to use the materials (with links for where to purchase them) and a Pdf download of the lesson plans and educational information about your child's month to month development.                              Click on the button to learn more about the course 


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