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Here's what Montessori Teachers are saying:

"Miss Carolyn makes music fun for children aged 3 to 99. She always has a pleasant smile and a calming voice. Her patience is palpable in a class of 36 children. She is always kind and finds ways to manage a hard to handle situation. Miss Carolyn's music curriculum seamlessly blends in any program - Montessori or not. After all, music is universal."

Donna May (S.F. Bay Area Montessori educator and administrator)

"The Magical Movement Company provides amazing resources and lessons suitable for a variety of ages and developmentally appropriate."

Lolly Kent (Australian Montessori Elementary teacher, entrepreneur and blogger)

"Your music lessons are simply amazing, and so engaging!"

Kiran Sharma (S.F. Bay Area Montessori educator and school owner)

"I am still a few weeks behind in presenting your amazing lessons. I have a young group so a slower pace is beneficial. They do look forward to music each week and I thank you for that! Your peaceful enthusiasm in your teaching was such a blessing to me. I cannot begin to thank you enough. You have helped a teacher with no music background, immensely! Each week my confidence grows more and more as I present what I have learned from you. You are amazing! Thank you, again! " 

Linda Kinson (Montessori educator and Musically Montessori eCourse student)


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