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Montessori Magic Friday: Command Cards~Let's Make a Musical Shaker!

Here I have curated articles, videos, and resources (most are free!) to give you and your group some fun activities for your Montessori Music Curriculum!

1. Prepare a tray with the necessary materials for each child to make a musical shaker, and place it on the Music Shelf in your environment. (Download my Free "Making Musical Shakers Montessori Command Cards" at the end of this post for complete instructions for creating this shelf work)

2. Demonstrate to the child/ren the step-by-step process of creating a musical shaker, by slowly and deliberately creating your own shaker using the "Montessori Command Cards" from the download below.

3. Encourage the child/ren to use the cards to create their own shakers.

4. Play the shakers while singing a familiar song, like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

5. After all the children have created shakers, they can be used at your Music Circle for activities in the lesson for introducing the concept of "steady beat." See my Collection of Blog Articles, "Musically Montessori: Steady Beat". CLICK HERE

6. Watch this Youtube video for a demo of making a musical shaker: "How To Make Shakers. Musical Instruments." CLICK HERE

7. Explore more ways to make shakers. Here is an article with DIY shaker ideas: "10 DIY Music Shakers and 4 Shaker Activities." CLICK HERE

8. This DIY article is the one that gave me the idea for my Montessori Command Cards that you can download free: "Corn Shakers Music Activity." CLICK HERE

9. DOWNLOAD MY FREE RESOURCE: "Make a Musical Shaker Command Cards." CLICK HERE

10. Explore ALL my FREE RESOURCES at my Subscriber's Freebie Collection Page at this Website. When you join my Newsletter email list you will receive the password to access all of my free resources! CLICK HERE

Photo credits: Photos by JJ for Magical Movement Company

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